It’s Not Too Late! Looking Back at 2011

Art Fag City asked me to contribute a link to a  “Best Links of the 2011” post. I misread the invitation. Instead, I submitted several of my favorite links compiled from my Twitter feed. Only one link was selected for AFC, but I don’t want to waste all my other links to artists, projects, and essays that deserve some more attention. Here’s a back rub to 2011’s best, aka some of my favorite links of 2011:

  1. Does this hard cock look like it belongs to someone into “chocolate nipple sucking”? This web-based game transforms posts from Craigslist’s casual encounters into a sport that’s best enjoyed with two or more players.
  2.  “How the Internet Tried to Kill Me” is a short essay about how Google can turn your life into a Kafka novel. Lesson: Make your own website or Wikipedia page.
  3. Did you know that .05% of Twitter users make up almost half of all posted URLs? Or that bloggers retweet URLs more than any other type of user? This research paper – published by Yahoo, mind you – contains some gems to drop in conversation about blogging and tweeting.
  4. Let’s fire the museum director and get interns to run our museum!
  5. Sit back, watch some video art. Artists Talia Chetrit and Cortney Andrews founded After Bellmer, a new online magazine. So far, the magazine has centered on some of my favorite topics: feminism and video art.
  6. Phone Arts is a new Tumblr that proves you can do big things with a small smart phone. Plus, the phone arts on this Tumblr are better than most painting I’ve seen recently.

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