I WILL PWN U: The Second Edition

The art scene’s full of rules and nuances that baffle most outsiders. I’ve given up attempts at explaining the etiquette of cheek kissing people I hate or why net artists have David Lynch/Kramer/Hitler Youth haircuts. Spending just a few months in art school or attending several gallery openings should give anyone enough background to understand all the underrated skills listed in I WILL PWN U. Acquiring all the skills in this series won’t make you an expert at art scene hustling, but at the very least you’ll deserve a 4 Square badge.

For updates to the list of skills featured in I WILL PWN U, visit Here is a Fantasy on Twitter.

Art scene skill #2: Believing you don’t need to see an exhibition because you hated it online.

This is one of the more obvious skills to master, but only the most confident types can pull it off. You’ve got to have a spirited exuberance to dismiss art you’ve never seen in person. If you’re one of these brash personalities, then you’re confident enough to rely on your shrewd detection skills to find art that’s compelling and relevant. What you see online, regardless of how flat, small, or 2-D, will affect your gallery-going plans irl.

If you still believe in the type of Zen “being there” from the 1960s, you’re going to have a difficult time succeeding at skill #2. Just wave goodbye to the type of presence hailed in John Cage’s yesterday.


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