A Very Public Announcment: Yes, I Was Asked To Be On A Reality TV Show

I’m too smart to be on a reality TV show.  I’ve worked as a museum curator and now I’m just a freelancer. My love of the art scene and Swedish fashion shouldn’t make me seem like an airhead, or worse, the art world equivalent of Snookie.

I have stories to tell about being offered a spot on Gallery Girls, but honestly, I just want to get back to serious curating and writing.

I NEVER would have said “Yes” to being on the show, but it’s crazy the things you go along with just because you’re intrigued by the art world – and its rampant sexism.  Really, I’ve got my Master’s and the only thing I’m being offered is a spot on a reality TV show to go drink after-hours cosmos with some girls who I’m pretending to be friends with?

Oh, Johannes Cladders, you had it so easy!

6 Responses to “A Very Public Announcment: Yes, I Was Asked To Be On A Reality TV Show”
  1. Biobebop says:

    I almost think you would be remiss if you didn’t follow through with such a ridiculous invitation just to see behind the Bravo curtain.
    The whole concept sounds ripe for a feminist performance artist, whose day job is at a gallery, to undermine the production or turn it into a farce on the order of of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    • If only I were an artist, then my life would be much easier and I would have gone on the show. I would have definitely pulled a “Britney” moment and shaved my head half-way through the show and then faked a mental breakdown. My issue is that I want to be taken seriously as a curator and writer, but seriousness and sleaze don’t make good bedfellows.

      • What? Seriousness and sleaze don’t make good bedfellows? I beg you pardon, think of Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Thomas Mann. What about Helmut Newton? or ahem, Roman Polansky. Sleaze always gets people’s attention. It just has to be framed classier. Books with sex sell better, it’s a fact. You know Colette caused many a scandal during her time and what about Oscar Wilde, Proust? Nabakov? I rest my case.

      • Of course I agree with all the sources you mentioned! We all love a little scandal and eroticism here and there. Although it’s fine for writers, artists, even sleazy Polanski to strut around in full decadence, it’s not necessarily true for a curator/fledgling art historian/gallerist/all around arts administrator. Sleeping around, drinking too much, and always being close to some coke are all fine in the arts, but going on a reality TV show is a different thing entirely. It must have something to do with authenticity and selling out.

        I’m still not OK with going on a reality TV show, but I’m more than OK with embracing art scene sleaze in other ways. I’m sure that I could pull a Polanski or two and the entire art scene would think I’m cooler for it.

      • Barbara says:

        I agree — the ladies of the cast either don’t care about having a career in the art world or don’t understand that world at all. I just can’t imagine any of these ladies being taken seriously or getting future job offers. I also can’t help wondering which galleries agreed to this. I’m pretty sure I saw the casting ad, and it said, “guaranteed gallery assistant job in a major gallery,” or something to that effect. So, the galleries did this for publicity and didn’t care who worked for them? Seems hard to believe — why would they risk these chicks talking about the clients or artists badly? Very weird. I think you made the right decision.

      • Thank you. I wonder about the galleries that would have agreed to this, too. It’s not like Barbara Gladstone needs the publicity and would love to have a stumbling, newbie gallerina working in the space. BG is not going to be on the show, but I’m still not sure about some of the other ones. I’m sure that Bravo can put a gloss over the galleries that end up going on the show to make them appear high-quality even if they’re just B-rate.

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