culture gap: manchester v. me in berlin

In retrospect, I must have sounded like the biggest art world valley girl and he just sounded like an idiot.  Obviously, things didn’t take off between the two of us. ND2F!

Me: Goddd, I’ve really started to miss dumb American music here. Why won’t they play some Katy Perry at the bars here?

Manchester: Oh, Katy Perry….She’s married to Russell Brand, right. See, that makes her awesome. I mean, her music sucks.

Me: OK, fine. Her music sucks, but I wanna dance. This is really bad samba.

Manchester: Yeah, Russell Brand…

Me: So, do people actually find him funny? Or just little boys?

Manchester: Seriously? Everyone thinks he’s so funny. Really, he’s so great. And intelligent blababa…

Me: OMG! You two should really become besties. You and Russell B.


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