For The Armory & Other Art Fairs

Chloe Sevigny wearing her Robert Mapplethorpe tee (for Opening Ceremony)

I need to look the part, but this blogger will need some help. I need to wear this shirt with leather shorts. Please, Opening Ceremony or someone with $200, help out an art sister in need!

5 Responses to “For The Armory & Other Art Fairs”
  1. Biobebop says:

    These truncated tanks are great, definitely would stand out amidst the black on black, chunky glasses, and flouncy scarves! Sevigny always manages (in this collaboration and personally) to be cherries and cream on top and testicle-crushing booties on bottom. Practical for clubs I guess.
    I’ve always loved how wanly Mapplethorpe holds the tommy gun in this picture, but except for this pic and the scorpion vagina (oh baby!), I’m a little puzzled by Chloe’s choices. Good luck landing one.

  2. Biobebop says:

    Oh, I have an idea. You live in Brooklyn right? It is the world capital of craftsmen of the new authenticity, or, per the latest issue of Artforum, “late-capitalist entrepreneurship.” Make some photocopies out of a Mapplethorpe book at a library, buy ten baby tees, and pick up a stone and hurl it in a random direction, hitting possibly more than one scraggly screen-printers. I know you’ll have to fend off passive-aggressive offerings of homemade kombucha and/or vanilla-bean macerated bourbon while the shirts are being printed, but when you hawk them Shakedown Street style outside the Armory show for $30 a pop, you’ll know it was for a good cause: consuming overpriced fashion.

    • You always leave such great comments. I think you should do some sort of an intervention like that, but what would it be? You could sell dirt-cheap copies of the Criterion collection outside of Blockbuster? Oh, but now the Criterion Collection is on Hulu.

      The problem with having someone else screenprint the shirt for me is that I’m now determined that I can wear this shirt, the original Opening Ceremony shirt, based on my panache and personal skill. Also, Opening Ceremony really does have a great distribution model. As far as fashion goes, they are far from evil and actually, quite spectacular. Even though I can’t afford to live with their things. I also can’t afford to live with most of the art that I love.

      • Biobebop says:

        I only really knew that Opening Ceremony was known for their collaborations in a general way, so their particular business model is news to me. (btw their Tokyo store is wild!) Yeah, I understood that you wanted the real deal all along, and now that I’m thinking of it, selling copies to fund the purchase of an genuine article would be a nice way to piss on Walter Benjamin’s parade while you’re at it. I wasn’t really thinking of an intervention, but approaching it from a cynical, Phish-tour bootleg T-shirt angle, so you could buy your goodies and fund the “adventure” to the next art fair…man. Although, I guess tactics borrowed from hippies pretty much qualify as an intervention to the extent hippies confound and piss people off, and what’s more contemporary than that?
        I love the Criterion Collection’s preservationist zeal, and how else would I acquire Orson Welle’s F For Fake or see liquid chocolate drained of all its sexiness in Sweet Movie, so I try to legitimately support when I can.

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