leftovers from internet 1.0

turn my screen shot into your screen saver

I’ve been a member of the e-flux Timebank project since it began in 2010.  I only today stumbled across an odd feature – a chat room.  Do chat rooms still make sense today as a means to connect with others? Chatroulette fascinated the largesse for a few months due to the strangeness of face-to-face chance encounters.  And then there was always the problem with Chatroulette of dudes trying to talk sexy with you while fully naked – except for those who would strategically place a towel on their crotch.

Chat rooms allow for chance encounters, but right now, there is a draw in the type of communication models put forth by social networking: a) you can connect with everyone in the world in theory or b) you could connect one-on-one with just a few.  It’s more difficult to find that niche of people who would desire both the chance encounter of Chatroulette within the niche project of those who are interested in Timebank when you could just as easily ask an arts-related question to one of your bros on gchat, fb, or irl.


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