suicide on myspace

All you need to know about One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age: Digging Through the Geocities Torrent by Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied is over at Rhizome.

I hate how a few years ago I would read on Facebook various status updates that proudly shouted: “I just deleted my MySpace!” or “MySpacicide!” And now I doubt that those FB friends of mine are loving it over on FB now with all the surveillance and ads. Seriously, I would never delete my MySpace – it’s an archive. Keep it for the archive. It’s like trying to delete my love of Bad Brains in high school or that boyfriend who was annoying and ugly, but who I dated because he was older and knew everyone on the scene.

Lialina and Espenschied mine the archive of Internet 1.0 by comparing pages once hosted on Geocities aand now on more contemporary sites like WordPress, describing layouts as elements of design, and the worst .GIFs ever.  The Internet is not ephemeral, like an invisible skeleton, and it affects how we communicate with one another online and IRL.

One Response to “suicide on myspace”
  1. nlthomas says:

    “The Internet is not ephemeral” – very true

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