why artists have large egos

Even the most inconspicuous wallflowers and those naive enough to claim that they shy away from idealism claim a stance of being. The statement “I am an artist” is an ontological one.  Words are heavy, anchors in the tide.  Being is steady and weighs itself against the waves.  I will beat this metaphor to death because words (I am an artist) produce actions (egoistical ones) which in turn assign meaning (being).

2 Responses to “why artists have large egos”
  1. susie says:

    yes. i wrote a tiny bit about this in regard to disability, where the ontological situation is not so much a declaration but a cultural assignment, “he is disabled/paraplegic/bipolar.” although you also hear the diagnostic have/has construction from time to time, the “is” is usually used when it’s thought of as permanent or severe. anyway. your post made me think about that, though in a different way because you focus on a different aspect with the ego focus. anyhow, i miss you.

    • That’s a great point about the “has” construction in contrast to “is.” I like the idea that to have something means that you can also give it away, overcome it, or just be rid of it.

      I miss you. I miss you very much.

      How was SF?

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