the man in the mirror

The year 2010 is MMX in Roman numerals. I love the simplicity and sharp lines of this date in comparison to MCMLXXXVII, a very complicated way of referring to 1987.

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” was released in 1987, but just this week, I’ve heard this song played on a car radio, over the sound system of Threadz Dress for Less, and on a This American Life podcast. On YouTube, the official video has received more plays than almost any other artist excluding you know, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

I have started watching music videos on YouTube with a fervor that can only be rivaled by my love of music videos in middle school. When my family moved to the suburbs, we finally invested in cable TV and I was completely overwhelmed, making a choice to spend my nights doing my homework in front of veejays. Now I spend more time reading YouTube comments than watching the videos.

michael jackson told us to look in the mirror and make a change and i will thank you michael

such a beutiful song

it makes you think and it makes me really sad to think about all the horrible shit going on right now and how many innocent kids are fighting through hunger ever day.

Neither one of my parents listen to music.  They both listen to music while driving, but it’s more or less an afterthought.  What this meant for me is that I had no idea who pop stars were and the other kids made fun of me for not knowing anything about Michael Jackson. I recognized him from an arcade game at Mazzio’s Pizza Parlor, but that was it.


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