answers to some commonly asked questions

My friends Susie and Mike have an amazing blog called The Loveship, a well-edited blog devoted to their forays into high fashion on a non-trustfund budget (and they write smart commentaries about the political and social implications of fashion).  As a sort of blog meme, they tagged here is a fantasy as one of their favorite blogs.  The problem is that I now have to answer 10 questions aimed primarily at fashion blogs.

1. Why did you start this blog?

The short version: A friend of mine told me that I needed to start a blog in order for him to mention me on his blog. I obliged and during the winter months in Minnesota and without many art openings to attend, I suddenly found that I had plenty of time to maintain a blog.

The longer version: Over the years, I have started many blogs only to abandon them.  I never posted frequently enough or became easily bored (my art reviews were too long), so those blogs have gone the way of my Myspace and Livejournal. I refuse to delete those sites, keeping them around for archival purposes, kind of like my tattoos that mark a former period of my life.  I’ve forgotten the passwords for my Myspace and Livejournal.

By the time I finished my MA in Art History, I was SICK of writing 20 – 30 page research papers. At some point in my life, I would love to write a longer research essay, preferably in the form of a book, but after two years of writing the same type of essay, I was so deadened to how dry my writing had become. I was reading a lot of art blogs (like Art Fag City), looking at a lot of Tumblrs that collect random images, and other blogs like iheartphotograph. Those interests, combined with my fascination about reading almost everything – fiction, poetry, words on signs, clothing tags, you know, things with text – gave me a better sense of the type of writing that I wanted to do.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

Street style blogs, Tumblrs, art blogs, short-form fiction blogs, sex advice blogs, my friends’ blogs, vegan blogs, architecture blogs, and anything else.

I hate most street style blogs. The point-and-click at someone wearing something interesting requires no editing, no personal point of view. I’m not the prettiest or most fashionable thing in Chicago, so I’m amazed at the number of times I’ve had my photo taken in this city for style blogs.

3. Favorite makeup brand?

I don’t like wearing makeup, but I do it anyways. I like to go to Sephora on my lunch break and have them apply makeup on my face for free. Painting my nails is something I do almost everyday and I am currently enchanted by a  deep, chocolatey brown polish made by OPI for Sephora.

4. Favorite clothing brand?

I wish.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

I really don’t like this question.

6. Your favorite color?

My bed sheets are light gray, my clothes are usually black, and my nails are dark brown.

7. Your perfume?

Right now, I’m really into tearing out the perfume samples from magazines, so one of those. But really, I like Marc Jacobs’ Amber. It’s unisex, lightly floral, and just really sexy.

8. Your favorite film.

I don’t understand why Pierrot le Fou isn’t more popular. As far as Jean-Luc Godard films go, this one combines every element of his 1960s style – song and dance, violence, mystery, Anna Karina, Jean-Paul Belmondo, existential ramblings, flashes of red and blue, and political intrigue. If that doesn’t convince  you, the film has someone committing suicide by tying dynamite to his face and someone’s on-the-side lover disguised as a teenage babysitter.

9. What country would like like to visit and why?

I wrote a Fulbright to attend a curatorial program in Zurich, so that’s where I want to go right now. Honestly, “anywhere but here” would be a good country right now. And Berlin. And Tokyo. Yes, I know those are cities, not countries, but I am all about urbanity.

10. Make the last question to yourself.

Tell me about this fortune teller you saw.

At The Chakra Shoppe, I was told three things that I will for sure think about over the next few months. One is definitely not true and the other two haven’t happened yet, so I can’t know until March if she’s only 33% incorrect or fully incorrect.

3 Responses to “answers to some commonly asked questions”
  1. susie says:

    well, how lovely that you participated! i especially enjoy this summary of pierrot le fou. now i really must watch it.

    i wish i had the courage to visit a fortune teller.

    ps i’m liking this new layout.

    • you won’t be witchy enough until you see a fortune teller.

      blog layouts are so difficult to choose. i want sans serif fonts for all the text on this site, but i haven’t found a layout to do that. and i’m not into learning html or downloading anything.

      your questions were useful – and i found out more about the blogs you like.

  2. JD says:

    I really love Vivre Sa Vie the best out of all of Godard’s movies, but the scene in Pierrot Le Fou where Karina (in yellow face!) and belmondo (“oh yeah? Oh yeah?”) do the vietnam war dumb-show is tremendously poignant and outrageously simplistic, but it captures the insanity of the proxy war perfectly. I sadly watched Tout Va Bien in highschool and it took me like five years to even bother with Godard again.

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