Radiohole’s Whatever, Heaven Allows at the Walker Art Center

Sometimes it’s better to be succinct rather than garrulous. Here is my review:

Radiohole is Brechtian, but they’re trying too hard. Trying too hard, like my younger cousin in Connecticut who is already pretty, but aims at looking like one of those honey-tan girls on the Hills or one of those shows she watches and I just want to tell her, “Stop with the mascara! Your eyes look like spiders are crawling out of your pupils.” We all need an editor at some point.

3 Responses to “Radiohole’s Whatever, Heaven Allows at the Walker Art Center”
  1. meg says:

    brechtian is trying to hard to begin with. there’s somebody who could’ve used a very mean, very square editor to knock him down before the artsy academic elite encased him in the canon of contemporary drama. barf.

  2. meg says:

    wow, *too. pardon me, i’m on my first coffee of the day.

    • even though i probably like brecht more than you, i do agree with you.
      here’s an equation that illustrates what you just said:
      brecht = trying too hard
      brechtian = trying too hard to be trying too hard

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