the men i love

This series is inspired by Annette Messager. In the 1970s, Messager made a scrapbook called The Men I Love. She tore out pages of magazines that showed glamorous Hollywood stars and rough Marlboro men, all men who she had never met, but who she was supposed to swoon over. She also assembled a companion book called The Men I Do Not Love.

The artist H.C. Westermann was known for his acrobatic strength, seen on top. He also had naval tattoos and drew a lot of “death ships.” Sounds like an adult-teenager, a type that I know too well.

6 Responses to “the men i love”
  1. krem bloshy says:

    i also love h. c. westermann and kick myself regularly that i didn’t follow up on an opportunity to tour his house in connecticut back before ms. beall died. access is much more difficult these days, i hear. later-kb

    • I had no idea that public tours of his public home were available at one time. Someday?

      • krem bloshy says:

        they never were. i had a friend from grad school that was friends with Joanna Beall Westermann and could have taken me with. the price is down to $380K. if you are anywheres near brookfield center, CT you could go look inside now. i am still trying to light a fire under somebody to buy/protect/restore it. my grad school friend has lots of pix of what it was like when he was there too for help in restoration. don’t really have the spare time to mount a proper campaign just now neither. love your blog, by the by. later-kb

  2. krem bloshy says:

    Hey- i have come to realize that his house at 26 Obtuse Road in Brookfield Center, CT is currently for sale. It is only $625K considering it sits on 5 acres and took him 12 years to build it with his own hands and many decorative elements are hand carved. Sadly, he died just before he was to move in. Somebody needs to step up and buy and protect that place.

    • KB-
      I am the listing agent of 26 Obtuse Road North in Brookfield. I have been trying to find interested parties to purchase the property who appreciate the man and the art that he created. I even doubled up on my lottery tickets as I love this property and would retire there someday!

      If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. Please feel free to contact me.


      Patty McManus (203) 733-3941

  3. I wanted to let you know that the price on the Westermann house has been reduced to $550,000. If you know of someone who may be interested, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

    Patty McManus

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