curatorial fashion (really, i’m talking about clothes)

“Curators only wear black.” They sometimes look like hip lawyers. And they like to drink.

One exception to the all-black rule is to add a touch of white. After all, you don’t want to attend your exhibition opening looking as if you’re going to a funeral, unless the art show is already doomed to failure.

Even though I abide by the all-black rule most of the time, I don’t own much white – that’s why I just bought these high-waisted leather shorts from eBay.

white shorts
the perfect winter leg-wear for curators?
2 Responses to “curatorial fashion (really, i’m talking about clothes)”
  1. paige says:

    i’ve got highwaisted leather shorts and yes they are perfect for winter (and for curators!).

    p.s. i also love that you posted my favorite lumiere brothers video! the serpentine dance!!

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